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You can expand your business in global markets with its extensive network and global logistical expertise

BIRGUL now provides website sellers with a range of e-commerce solutions dedicated to expanding their business to global markets.

As a way to connect the world through logistics and transportation services, we provide e-commerce solutions that help start-ups and existing companies to provide technical support to ship goods as quickly and safely as possible.

BIRGUL’s e-commerce solutions are designed to suit the needs of its customers as well as the size of your business.

* BIRGUL is a global brand recognized for its high quality services and unique offerings. BIRGUL understands the need to choose an international freight company that can provide flexible solutions to e-commerce companies.

* If you are an existing e-commerce customer, BIRGUL now offers you an opportunity to expand your e-business and take advantage of a wide range of e-commerce solutions to meet your various business needs.

* Fast and convenient customs clearance for your electronic commercial shipments in the destination country.